Design, Playtime, Sanblasting

The Beauty of Kilauea from above

It was my wife’s birthday so I organized a trip for her to see the lava from a helicopter. She went on an amazing heli ride with our dear friend and great cinematographer, Mick Kalber and talented photographer, Bruce Omori. It was a rainy morning but the pilot pushed through the cold rainy clouds. Once

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Design, Sandblasting

Mauna Kea vessels

To Hawaiians, the top of Mauna Kea is the pinnacle of prayer. A dormant shield volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii, Mauna Kea rises 13,796 feet above sea level, making it the highest point in the Pacific Basin. When measured from sea floor to summit, it’s the tallest mountain in the world– 4,000 feet

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Design, Sanblasting

June 27th lava flow

Our active volcano Kilauea, has decided to flow in a unusual and different path, towards the East side of the island. It has been burning through the forest and making her way through our Pahoa town and some of the neighborhoods. A house has been burned down and many acres of forest have been completely

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Casting, Design

Casting in Colorado / Road Trip

Oct-Nov. 2013 Jacqueline Spiro, my “Glass Casting” teacher at Pilchuck School had extended an invitation for her students to go and further our learning at her home/studio in Colorado. We thought .. why not? Me and my wife decided to go but our trip to the mainland needed to be more than that so we

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Design, Playtime

Casting Part I – Bali masks

Returning from taking a class with Jacqueline Spiro’s sand casting workshop at Pilchuck, I got inspired to create some castings in my own shop. We pulled out some masks that came from our last visit to Bali, some of the molds I’ve been working on with Pele’s face and the Buddha and we all set

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