Hana Hou magazine article

We are very excited to announce the latest article featuring Moe Hot Glass. It was recently published in the October issue of Hana Hou (the Hawaiian Airlines magazine). It’s a colorful and well-written 3 page spread with much insight into Daniel’s personal world and inspiration.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to Michael Saphiro (editor), Rachel Davies (the amazingly talented writer), Megan Spelman (the skillful photographer) and Maria Arroyo (the brilliant photographer of the art).

Also, our sincere thanks goes out to the “Moe Hot Glass” team (Sarah, Kimball, Noah and Nils) as they are essential in the making of the wonderful pieces we create.

If you are traveling with Hawaiian Airlines in October and/or November, grab the Hana Hou magazine and take a look! It will be available for 2 solid months so please let us know what you think!

If you want to read it from home, ** click on the “download” button below OR ** click on the “expand” button on the top right corner of the image below. Enjoy! Aloha!

Download (PDF, 888KB)

Our deepest gratitude for all the creative forces that beautifully interweave together to be able to share our art and our hearts with all of you.